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Many people don't know that they may be committing theft when they copy texts from books or sheet music : The conductor , who scans the necessary voices for his band's upcoming performance and sends them to the musicians, the class teacher , who copies a song text from her teacher's copy for the next music lesson, the music educator who uses copied notes for the musical accompaniment of a school celebration. You become a thief - and don't know it? They are all guilty of theft, even if they are completely unaware of it. The reproduction of sheet music...

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With us you will find sheet music for large and small brass bands, big band and combo or also for the Oberkrainer ensemble and wind quartets. But what is behind these terms and who and what instruments are they suitable for? Especially as a conductor, a careful selection of notes according to the ensemble or orchestra is essential. After all, there is a big difference whether you need sheet music for the youth band or the established quartet. As always with music, it cannot simply be forced into a corset. Therefore, the voices for the individual pieces may differ slightly...

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