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In memory of Rudi Seifert

It is with deep dismay and a heavy heart that we have to inform you that the exceptional musician and founder and senior manager of the Seifert music publishing house, Rudi Seifert, died on January 20, 2024. His tireless commitment and passion for music have shaped our publishing house and will always be remembered.

Since our publishing house was founded in 1972, Rudi Seifert has shaped the musical landscape with his vision, passion and tireless commitment. He was not only a pioneer in the world of music, but also a mentor and friend to many in our community.

His deep love of music and unwavering belief in the power of creativity have inspired and encouraged generations of musicians - young and old. His ability to inspire people with and for music made our publishing house a home for musicians from all over the world.

We thank Rudi Seifert for his life's work, which has inspired us all.

In silent mourning,
the team at music publisher Seifert

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