Rudi Seifert

Popular and known for hundreds of arrangements of various genres and various instruments - that is Rudi Seifert . Who could better summarize Rudi Seifert's life so far than Rudi Seifert himself? For this reason, we let him have the floor at this point:

Rudi Seifert's life

Rudi Seifert with his favorite instrument: the saxophone. In 1972 he founded what is now the music publisher Seifert.

"I was born on May 27, 1931 in Silberbach, Sudetenland (Czech Republic). I had contact with music from an early age as a child. Especially because my father ran a music school in which a wide variety of instruments were taught. That was of course very beautiful and, of course, shapes me - to this day. I therefore had the best conditions and I am very grateful for that. I finally received my musical training at the music school in Graslitz, Bohemia, and (after moving to Bavaria at the end of the Second World War) in Straubing.

Since 1950 I have been a member of various orchestras. In 1956 I joined the factory band at the ironworks in Laucherthal, Sigmaringen district. Since 1970 I have worked as a music composer, arranger and music teacher with my own organ studio in Friedrichshafen. I also headed the wind section of the youth music school in Kressbronn on Lake Constance. In 1972 the “Studioverlag” was founded, which was dedicated to folk brass music, entertainment and dance music. However, I no longer operate the studio publishing house, which was formed from the OrgelSTUDIO and the MusikVERLAG. I now only take care of the playback and accompanying CDs . My eldest daughter Sylvia Beer now runs the main business. She founded what is now the music publisher Seifert at the beginning of 2020 and represents the same values ​​and love of music as I do.

I am proud

What I'm really proud of is that I gained international fame through my work and works, especially in the field of brass music. America, Europe... - that was great! I am very pleased that my compositions and arrangements continue to delight a wide audience. Because that's what music does to us: fun and joy in life!"

Rudi Seifert's work

Whether large or small brass ensembles, big bands or combos, Oberkrainer brass ensembles or brass music quartets - Rudi Seifert can look back on a broad field of brass music.

We are very happy and proud to continue to spread these and other works and bring people closer to the love of music.