Wind ensemble

The original “WIND ENSEMBLE”! The popular "BLÄSER ENSEMBLE" sheet music appeared in various volumes, was arranged by Herbert Frei and published by the music publisher Seifert. Each volume is structured in such a way that interaction can be cultivated from the very beginning, be it in a duet, trio, quartet, etc. or in a larger group. This is both for motivation in general and for training in interaction and all the associated aspects of making music together.

Each number of "BLÄSER ENSEMBLE" contains 2 - 5 thematically consistent titles. Each title is set for two, three or four voices. There are playing scores in B, so every player can work with all parts. Many sets also contain scores in other moods. Many additional voices make the most diverse line-up variants possible. Octaves of individual or all voices are possible and recommended.

Der Musikverlag Seifert steht seit 1972 für Noten in höchster Qualität, Spaß an der Musik und Freude am gemeinsamen Musizieren. Die Wind ensemble-Noten bilden hier keine Ausnahme. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst - denn gute Musik kommt nie aus der Mode, auch wenn der ein oder andere Titel vielleicht ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel hat!