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Definition: Wind instrument, any musical instrument that uses air as the primary vibrational medium to produce sound. Classification of wind instruments Wind instruments exhibit a great diversity in structure and sonority and have been prominently represented in the music of all cultures since prehistoric times . A classification system of these tools must reflect and categorize the relationships and differences between the many variants. The traditional division of the symphony orchestra into sections has simplified the grouping of wind instruments into woodwind and brass, but this is an imprecise classification that does not generally apply outside of Western culture. The...

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Let's start at the beginning, with the band. The term band, which refers to a group of musicians playing together, is very general. It can refer to anything from a few guitarists with a singer to a large group of brass , woodwinds and percussionists. This review will address only the history and development of bands associated with the modern European-American concert and marching band tradition. Bands in early Europe The modern tradition of concert and marching bands has developed over the centuries from an even older tradition of military music. There is much evidence that trumpets, horns, and drums...

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With us you will find sheet music for large and small brass bands, big band and combo or also for the Oberkrainer ensemble and wind quartets. But what is behind these terms and who and what instruments are they suitable for? Especially as a conductor, a careful selection of notes according to the ensemble or orchestra is essential. After all, there is a big difference whether you need sheet music for the youth band or the established quartet. As always with music, it cannot simply be forced into a corset. Therefore, the voices for the individual pieces may differ slightly...

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