Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

Folk hit melodies

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Folk hit melodies Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • C voice with lyrics-Noten
  • Flute in C-Noten
  • 1st voice in B-Noten
  • 1. Voice in Eb-Noten
  • 2nd voice in B-Noten
  • 2. Voice high in Bb-Noten
  • 2nd voice in Eb-Noten
  • 3rd voice in B-Noten
  • 3rd voice in C-Noten
  • 3. Voice in Eb-Noten
  • 3rd voice in F-Noten
  • 4th voice in B-Noten
  • 4. Voice in C-Noten
  • Accompaniment in B-Noten
  • Accompaniment in C (for Pos.Choir)-Noten
  • Accompaniment in E flat-Noten
  • 1st/2nd Bass in C-Noten
  • Bass in Bb-Noten
  • Bass in Eb-Noten
  • Drums-Noten
  • 1st part in C (for Pos.Choir)-Noten
  • 2nd part in C (for Pos.Choir)-Noten

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Folk hit melodies Noten im Detail

30 popular hits from well-known groups or artists can be played by even the smallest ensemble
  • Alice
  • Alpine rush and powder snow
  • I believed in a miracle
  • Atlantis of the mountains
  • On the bird meadow
  • Chili Polka
  • Paul and his nag
  • The red diamond
  • The mountains are my home
  • The white bride of the mountains
  • The little pub
  • The people on the land
  • You can't always be seventeen
  • A white rose
  • Fire in eternal ice
  • Franz isn't going to San Francisco
  • hands to the sky
  • You have a bit of time
  • I only give you red roses
  • Here we go
  • jumbo
  • Rock mi
  • Shadows over the Rosenhof
  • It's your sky blue eyes that are to blame
  • Tears don't suit you
  • Tyrolean mountains
  • Viva Tyrol
  • When my mountains dream
  • We're driving the Ferrari
  • Zigge zagge hoi hoi hoi

"C voice with text" includes accordion/keyboard/piano (in A4 format)

  • C voice with lyrics: Sei1005C-1
  • Flute in C: Sei1005-2
  • 1st voice in B: Sei1005-3
  • 1. Voice in Eb: Sei1005-4
  • 2nd voice in B: Sei1005-5
  • 2. Voice high in Bb: Sei1005-6
  • 2nd voice in Eb: Sei1005-7
  • 3rd voice in B: Sei1005-8
  • 3rd voice in C: Sei1005-9
  • 3. Voice in Eb: Sei1005-10
  • 3rd voice in F: Sei1005-11
  • 4th voice in B: Sei1005-12
  • 4. Voice in C: Sei1005-13
  • Accompaniment in B: Sei1005-14
  • Accompaniment in C (for Pos.Choir): Sei1005-15
  • Accompaniment in E flat: Sei1005-16
  • 1st/2nd Bass in C: Sei1005-17
  • Bass in Bb: Sei1005-18
  • Bass in Eb: Sei1005-19
  • Drums: Sei1005-20
  • 1st part in C (for Pos.Choir): Sei1005-21
  • 2nd part in C (for Pos.Choir): Sei1005-22