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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 02

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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 02 Noten wurden von Musikverlag Bernhard Geiger arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

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  • Accordion and singing-Noten

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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 02 Noten im Detail

Mood, fun and cheeky songs in an easy to medium difficulty setting for accordion and vocals.

On the Swabian railway
Bohemian Forest Waltz
Caramba, Caracho, a whiskey

That comes from rowing
Egerlander Liedermarsch

Finally spring - Medley
Spring has arrived / Songs are ringing
Now the beautiful spring begins / All the little birds are already here)

Hans stay dou
In the green forest, where the thrush sang
Now the party is really getting started
Carnival in Rio
One day I will return to my homeland – Silesian song
Little Alpine enthusiasm
Lieschen, Lieschen
Venison stew
Szczecin cross polka
Hiking is fun - Medley
To you young wanderer / To whom God will show true favor
When all the fountains flow / Well done in God's beautiful world)

Two roses
  • Accordion and singing: NSB 68