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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 01

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Artikelnr.: NSB 67
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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 01 Noten wurden von Musikverlag Bernhard Geiger arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

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  • Accordion and singing-Noten

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Tavern music for accordion - Volume 01 Noten im Detail

Mood, fun and cheeky songs in an easy to medium difficulty setting for accordion and vocals.

Everything sings with 1 - Medley
(Westerwald song / We were in front of Madagascar / The hazelnut is black-brown)
Everything sings with 2 - Medley
(Heavy laden with the treasures of the Orient / A farthing and a chunk / Now come the merry days)
On the beach of the Danube
Bobsledder song
Bumsfidele Gaudi Medley
(The grinders of Paris / I am happy (A beef cattle) / Zipfi one, Zipfi also)
The moon shines so brightly
In the forest, there are the robbers
In a small Polish town
Dr old Holzmichl still...?
Lederhosen and Samba
Black Natasha
Mother-in-law song
Rowan tree
We want to lift one
  • Accordion and singing: NSB 67