Arr./Komp. Ralf Hoffmann

White winter Christmas time

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White winter Christmas time Noten wurden von Ralf Hoffmann arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

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White winter Christmas time Noten im Detail

Christmas songs from all over the world for electronic organ or keyboard.

"C voice with text" includes electric organ, chords and keyboard

Every year again
The lights on the Christmas tree are devotional yodelers
The wind blows on the mountain
Glory to God in the highest
A rose has sprung up
Angels sing in the fields
It is a time for us
It's almost going to be a merry Christmas everywhere
Holy night
Come, O ye believers
I pray to the power of love
I lay and slept
I'm standing here at your crib
You shepherds are awakening
Come ye Ye Children
In the middle of the night
Josef dear Josef my
Jingle Bells
Childishly tender
Ring bells ring
Come, shepherds
Let us be happy and cheerful
Let it snow
Praise the lord
Open the door
Maria walked through a Donwald
There will be something tomorrow children
Santa Claus is coming tomorrow
Now sing and be happy
O you happy one, O you blessed one
Oh, run you shepherds
O Christmas Tree
Sleep well, you heavenly child
Snowflake whitedress
silent Night Holy Night
Silence, silence no sound
Quiet, quiet, quiet because the child wants to sleep
Sweeter the bells never sound
Daughter of Zion, rejoice
That's where I come from high in the sky
From heaven high you angels come
When it's Christmas
Who's knocking (looking for a hostel)
White winter Christmas time
what is that supposed to mean
Born in Bethlehem

  • C voice with lyrics: 18014001