Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

Super hit parade of folk music (B-stock)

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Super hit parade of folk music (B-stock) Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • C voice with lyrics-Noten

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Super hit parade of folk music (B-stock) Noten im Detail

16 hits of folk music that guarantee fireworks for everyone

  • Girls are wonderful things (Oliver Thomas)
  • My village is in the Sonn (Mooskirchen)
  • I am always where the music is (Stefanie Hertel)
  • Please dance for me again (Geraldine Oliver)
  • What you do with love (Margret Almer)
  • And the eagles of the Cordilleras (mountain fires)
  • A Thousand Fires (Wolfgang Edenharder)
  • That over there is our star (Mühlenhof musicians)
  • The good Lord sees everything (Eberhard Hertel)
  • Gemmas an (Alpine Rebels)
  • Dreams of Homeland (Henry Arland)
  • Longing again and again (Stefanie Hertel)
  • Home is home (Eberhard Hertel)
  • Oh-la-la (Klosterthaler)
  • Serenade of Love (Stefan Mross)
  • Whenever you think (Mara Kayser)
  • C voice with lyrics: 15010013FG