Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

Mood medley in polka tempo

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Artikelnr.: 10011100klBM
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Mood medley in polka tempo Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und sind nicht nur für die Zuhörer, sondern auch für die Musizierenden ein Genuss!

Die Musiknoten zu "Mood medley in polka tempo" wurde von Rudi Seifert arrangiert. Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • Little brass music-Noten
  • Great brass music-Noten

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Mood medley in polka tempo Noten im Detail

Polka medley with well-known mood songs that everyone can sing along to
  • A seetrip is funny
  • Today we're going on board
  • My heart, this is a bee house
  • Yes, I came there by bike
  • Mountain vagabonds
  • Black brew is the hazelnut
  • A Cent and a Dime
  • A girl wanted to get up early
  • Let him live high
  • Now let's drink another bottle of wine
  • If this continues

    "Kleine Blasmusik" is also suitable for big band and includes direction in C (acc./keyb./guitar)
    Eb clarinet
    1.E-flat alto sax
    1.B-Tenor Sax
    1.Flugelhorn in Bb
    2.Flugelhorn in Bb
    1.Trumpet in Bb
    1.Tenor horn in Bb
    2nd tenor horn in Bb
    3.Tenor horn in Bb
    Baritone in Bb
    Baritone in C
    1st trombone in C
    1st trombone in Bb
    2nd trombone in C
    2nd trombone in Bb
    3rd trombone in C
    3rd trombone in Bb
    Bass 1 in C
    2.Bass in C
    B bass

    “Big brass music” includes direction in C
    Flute 1 in C (2x)
    Oboe (partial)
    Eb clarinet
    Clarinet 1 in Bb (2x)
    Clarinet 2 in Bb (2x)
    Clarinet 3 in Bb (2x)
    Alto saxophone 1 in Eb
    Alto saxophone 2 in Eb
    Tenor Saxophone 1 in Bb
    Tenor Saxophone 2 in Bb
    Baritone saxophone in E flat
    Flugelhorn 1 in Bb (2x)
    Flugelhorn 2 in Bb (2x)
    Trumpet 1 in Bb (2x)
    Trumpet 2 in Bb (2x)
    Trumpet 3 in Bb
    Horn 1 in Eb
    Horn 2 in Eb
    Horn 3 in Eb
    Tenor horn 1 in Bb (2x)
    Tenor horn 2 in Bb
    Tenor horn 3 in Bb
    Baritone in C (2x)
    Baritone in Bb (2x)
    Trombone 1 in C
    Trombone 1 in Bb
    Trombone 2 in C
    Trombone 2 in Bb
    Trombone 3 in C
    Trombone 3 in Bb
    Bass 1 in C
    Bass 2 in C (2 x)
    Bass in Bb (2x)
    Drums (2x)

    • Little brass music: 10011100klBM
    • Great brass music: 10011100