Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

All year round (B-stock)

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All year round (B-stock) Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • Flute in C-Noten
  • 1st voice in B-Noten
  • 1. Voice in Eb-Noten
  • 2nd voice in B-Noten
  • 2. Voice high in Bb-Noten
  • 2nd voice in Eb-Noten
  • 3. Voice high in Bb-Noten
  • 3rd voice in C-Noten
  • 3. Voice in Eb-Noten
  • 3rd voice in F-Noten
  • 4th voice in B-Noten
  • 4. Voice in C-Noten
  • Accompaniment in C-Noten
  • Accompaniment in B-Noten
  • Accompaniment in E flat-Noten
  • 1st/2nd Bass in C-Noten
  • Bass in Bb-Noten
  • Bass in Eb-Noten
  • Drums-Noten

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All year round (B-stock) Noten im Detail

Idea and compilation: Stefanie Seifert
Editor: Rudi Seifert

Collection of songs that are needed throughout the year, starting with

Spring and May

  • the May has come
  • Come dear May
Summer festivals
  • Fair Polka
  • Football is our life
  • Sportsmaster machine
  • coziness cheers
  • Tush
  • Long shall he live
Hiking songs
  • Hiking is the miller's delight
  • Now the funny days come
  • The gypsy life is funny
  • Do I have to...
  • Hiking songs march
  • Listen to what's coming in from outside
  • Happy Birthday(birthday song)
  • How wonderful that you were born
  • Great God, we praise you
  • Holy, holy
Martin's songs
  • I go with my lantern
  • Lantern,lantern
  • Saint Martin
  • A bit like Saint Martin
Advent and Christmas
  • Star over Bethlehem
  • We say to you dear Advent
  • Now bring a light into the world
  • But Heijibumbeidschi
  • Jingle Bells
  • Christmas is in the beautiful Bohemian Forest
  • Merry Christmas (medley with Christmas songs)
  • Feieromd song

Available voices: flute in C,
1st voice in B (trumpet/flugelhorn/clarinet),
1st voice in E flat (E flat clarinet/alto saxophone),
2nd voice in B (trumpet/flugelhorn/clarinet),
2nd voice in B high (clarinet - tenor saxophone),
2nd voice in Eb (alto saxophone),
3rd voice in B high (tenor horn - tenor saxophone),
3rd voice in C (trombone/baritone),
3rd voice in Eb (alto saxophone - horn),
3rd voice in F (horn),
4th voice in B (baritone/trombone),
4th voice in C (baritone/trombone),
accompaniment in C (trombone),
accompaniment in Bb (horns),
Accompaniment in E flat (horns),
Bass 1/2 in C (Tuba 1 and 2),
bass in Bb (tuba),
Bass in Eb (Tuba),

  • Flute in C: Sei1010
  • 1st voice in B: Sei1010
  • 1. Voice in Eb: Sei1010
  • 2nd voice in B: Sei1010
  • 2. Voice high in Bb: Sei1010
  • 2nd voice in Eb: Sei1010
  • 3. Voice high in Bb: Sei1010
  • 3rd voice in C: Sei1010
  • 3. Voice in Eb: Sei1010
  • 3rd voice in F: Sei1010
  • 4th voice in B: Sei1010
  • 4. Voice in C: Sei1010
  • Accompaniment in C: Sei1010
  • Accompaniment in B: Sei1010
  • Accompaniment in E flat: Sei1010
  • 1st/2nd Bass in C: Sei1010
  • Bass in Bb: Sei1010
  • Bass in Eb: Sei1010
  • Drums: Sei1010