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La Belle France (B stock)

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La Belle France (B stock) Noten im Detail

French folklore in a modern sound

Compilation and arrangement: Richard Zettler

Difficulty: Intermediate

Contents: Malborought Three young tambours Au clair de la lune Sur le pont d`Avignon Il ont des chapeaux ronds Frere Jaques Alouette Aupres de ma blonde

“Big brass music” includes direction in C
Flute 1 in C (2x)
Eb clarinet
Clarinet 1 in Bb (2x)
Clarinet 2 in Bb (2x)
Clarinet 3 in Bb (2x)
Alto saxophone 1 in Eb
Alto saxophone 2 in Eb
Tenor Saxophone 1 in Bb
Tenor Saxophone 2 in Bb
Baritone saxophone 5 in Eb
Flugelhorn 1 in Bb (2x)
Flugelhorn 2 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 1 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 2 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 3 in Bb
Horn 1 in Eb
Horn 2 in Eb
Horn 3 in Eb
Tenor horn 1 in Bb (2x)
Tenor horn 2 in Bb
Tenor horn 3 in Bb
Baritone in C (2x)
Baritone in Bb (2x)
Trombone 1 in C
Trombone 1 in Bb
Trombone 2 in C
Trombone 2 in Bb
Trombone 3 in C
Trombone 3 in Bb
Bass 1 in C (E-Bass)
Bass 2 in C (2 x)
Bass in Bb (2x)
Drums (2x)

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  • Default Title: 10003002 (B-Ware)