Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

Grand Prix trump cards

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Grand Prix trump cards Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und sind Balsam für jede Musikerseele!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • Great brass music-Noten
  • Little brass music-Noten

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Grand Prix trump cards Noten im Detail

Medley with winning titles from the Grand Prix of Folk Music

It's your sky blue eyes that are to blame
Our St. Bernard
Do you have a little time for me?

"Little brass music" also suitable for big band

“Big brass music” includes direction in C
1.Flute (2x)
Eb clarinet
1.Clarinet (2x)
2.Clarinet (2x)
3.Clarinet (2x)
1.E-flat alto sax
2.E-flat alto sax.
1.B-Tenor Sax
2.B-Tenor Sax.
Baritone Sax.
1.Flugelhorn in Bb (2x)
2. Flugelhorn in Bb (2x)
1. Trumpet in Bb (2x)
2. Trumpet in Bb (2x)
3.Trumpet in Bb
1.Horn in Eb1.Horn in F
2.Horn in Eb2.Horn in F
3.Horn in Eb
1.Tenor horn in Bb (2x)
2nd tenor horn in Bb
3.Tenor horn in Bb
Baritone in Bb (2x)
Baritone in C (2x)
1st trombone in C and B
2nd trombone in C and B
3rd trombone in C and B
Bass 1 in C
2,Bass in C (2x)
B bass
Drums (2x)

  • Great brass music: 06003005grBLM
  • Little brass music: 06003005klBLM