Arr./Komp. Hans Joachim Rhinow

Glory Hallelujah

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Artikelnr.: 06003006grBLM
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Glory Hallelujah Noten wurden von Hans-Joachim Rhinow arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • Great brass music-Noten
  • Little brass music-Noten

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Glory Hallelujah Noten im Detail

Swing march medley
  • Down by the Riverside
  • Glory Hallelujah
  • When the saints

"Little brass music" also suitable for big band and includes direction in C (keyboard / piano)
1.E-flat alto sax.
2.E-flat alto sax.
1.B-Tenor Sax.
2.B-Tenor Sax.
Baritone - Sax.
1.Trumpet in Bb
2.Trumpet in Bb
3.Trumpet in Bb
4.Trumpet in Bb
1st trombone in C and B
2nd trombone in C and B
3rd trombone in C and B
4th trombone in C and B
Electric bass
2.Bass in C

“Big brass music” includes direction in C
Flute 1 in C (2x)
Flute 2 in C
Eb clarinet
Clarinet 1 in Bb (2x)
Clarinet 2 in Bb (2x)
Clarinet 3 in Bb (2x)
Alto saxophone 1 in Eb
Alto saxophone 2 in Eb
Tenor Saxophone 1 in Bb
Tenor Saxophone 2 in Bb
Baritone saxophone in E flat
Flugelhorn 1 in Bb (2x)
Flugelhorn 2 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 1 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 2 in Bb (2x)
Trumpet 3 in Bb
Trumpet 4 in Bb
Horn 1 in Eb
Horn 2 in Eb
Horn 3 in Eb
Horn 4 in ES
Tenor horn 1 in Bb (2x)
Tenor horn 2 in Bb
Tenor horn 3 in Bb
Baritone in C (2x)
Baritone in Bb (2x)
Trombone 1 in C and B
Trombone 2 in B and B
Trombone 3 in C and B
Trombone 4 in C and B
Bass 1 in C
Bass 2 in C (2 x)
Bass in Bb (2x)
Drums (2x)

  • Great brass music: 06003006grBLM
  • Little brass music: 06003006BB