Arr./Komp. Reinhard Barth / Rudi Seifert

Wind quartets

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Wind quartets Noten wurden von Reinhard Barth / Rudi Seifert arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • 1st voice in B-Noten
  • 2nd voice in B-Noten
  • 3rd voice in B-Noten
  • 3. Voice in Eb-Noten
  • 3rd voice in C-Noten
  • 4th voice in B-Noten
  • 4. Voice in C-Noten

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Wind quartets Noten im Detail

Ave Maria
Ännchen von Tharau
At the fountain in front of the gate
Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin)
This is the day of the Lord
Dona nobis pacem
the May has come
Good moon, you walk so quietly
let me go
Not a nice country
Wedding march
I had a comrade

in marching book format 14x19 cm
Can be used for all kinds of occasions (serenades, etc.).

  • 1st voice in B: 02019001-1
  • 2nd voice in B: 02019001-2
  • 3rd voice in B: 02019001-3
  • 3. Voice in Eb: 02019001-4
  • 3rd voice in C: 02019001-5
  • 4th voice in B: 02019001-6
  • 4. Voice in C: 02019001-7