Arr./Komp. Rudi Seifert

Let's be happy and cheerful (sheet music for the CDs)

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Let's be happy and cheerful (sheet music for the CDs) Noten wurden von Rudi Seifert arrangiert und verzaubern Musikliebhaberinnen und Musikliebhaber seit Jahren!

Hier finden Sie folgende Voices:
  • 1. Alto saxophone in Eb-Noten
  • 1. Tenor Saxophone in Bb-Noten
  • 1. Trumpet-Noten
  • C voice-Noten

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Let's be happy and cheerful (sheet music for the CDs) Noten im Detail

30 well-known Christmas songs for keyboard (can also be used for accordion) and can be combined with wind instruments

  • Every year again
  • Devotional yodeler
  • The lights are burning on the Christmas tree
  • A Christmas like it used to be
  • A so sleigh ride (woman hunter)
  • It's about to go downhill
  • Merry Christmas (Medley)
  • Merry Christmas everywhere
  • Come ye Ye Children
  • Jingle Bells
  • Josef, dear Joseph my
  • Ring bells ringing
  • Come, shepherds
  • Let us be happy and cheerful
  • Let it snow
  • There will be something tomorrow children
  • Santa Claus is coming tomorrow
  • Oh you happy one...
  • O Christmas Tree
  • Snowflake whitedress
  • Sweeter the bells never sound
  • silent Night
  • Hush, hush, hush...
  • Silence silence no sound
  • daughter Zion
  • what is that supposed to mean
  • Christmas is in the beautiful Bohemian Forest (Hubert Wolf)
  • Christmas isn't until you're there
  • White winter Christmas time
  • Born in Bethlehem

"1st part for trumpet" also suitable for clarinet
"C voice" for accordion, keyboard and guitar

You can find them here associated playback and accompanying CD .

Each music track is recorded once as a full playback and once as a half playback. With full playback you can listen to the title in its entirety, while with half playback the first part is omitted so that the musician can play it themselves. If the pieces of music are two-part songs, this second part is already included on the CD.

The accompanying CD is specially made for smaller ensembles of two or more musicians who do not have an accompanist (keyboard/accordion/piano or similar). This CD contains the full playback to listen to and the rhythm without any melody (just harmonies/drums/bass/guitar and possibly orchestral interludes). A combination with different wind instruments is possible without any problems.

  • 1. Alto saxophone in Eb: 10010119AS
  • 1. Tenor Saxophone in Bb: 10010119TS
  • 1. Trumpet: 10010119Trp
  • C voice: 10010119C